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Whenever you are shopping online, you may have come across some of the problems mentioned below. Maybe you are having issues with the quality of the fabric, the inadequate size, or the pricing. We have collected some customer feedback from various online shopping platforms.

Customer - 1
When I ordered a dress online the dress looked brand new and good in the pictures. When I received the product it looks a few years older than me. It seems like it's the same as my granny's age. I'm disappointed.

Customer - 2
I saw this beautiful outfit while I was shopping online and ordered it. I wanted to wear it for a party. When I received it, little did I know, this was coming my way!
Even my mom looks small for that dress and I don't even have the time to order it again. Are you guys for real?

Customer - 3
I love this outfit but when I looked at the price I saw half of my month's salary written on the price tag. It's definitely overpriced.

These are only a few examples of problems you face as a customer looking for a nice outfit.

Sometimes you get bad quality, sometimes the fitting or stitching is not
good, and sometimes the price is not right. I can talk about the problems for hours on end and still, I'll skip some. Is it that hard to find good quality products that when delivered to you look the same as the picture you saw on their website. And is it foolish to expect all this in a reasonable price range? And the only answer I could give to your question is - you can get all of it at a reasonable price and it will be delivered to you on time.

You: Come on! Don't be silly. It sounds too good to be true. WineRed: Nope! I guess you haven't received any WineRed package sat your doorstep yet. It's  time you get one.

We all look for variety, quality, finishing, fitting, comfort, elegance, color, or a good size. After all, you are paying money for it. Whatever your needs are we've got you covered. Going to the shop and choosing the product of your choice may seem like a good idea. But you only have 24 hours to spare. You could be a housewife who takes care of all your family members, a working woman taking responsibility for a firm that depends on your decisions, or a college girl who needs to take care of her studies. You have limited time and energy to spare. There are things that you need to take care of. In this hassle, it's hard to go shopping for an outfit and waste half of your day on it.

You can do it once in a while but not always. In that case, shopping online sounds like a good idea. Don't you think?

But there is a problem! You can't check for the quality and fitting of your outfits.

That's where intuition and trust come into play. You look at fellow buyers' reviews and buy if the offer seems legit. Now you may ask, why should we trust you? There are hundreds of options in the market. Why not them?

In that case, you can take a look at the happy faces of our customers and read hundreds of positive reviews they've left on our products. Our customers vouch for us. If you are still having doubts, you are the person spending the money.
You have the right to choose.

You: Okay, that sounds convincing. But what if you  don't have the
products or variety I'm looking for.

Let's take a look at our collection. If your needs match our offer you can add WineRed products to your wardrobe.

Categories WineRed offers:
Kurta set:
Let's face it. Ethnic outfits compliment the beauty of Indian women the
best. It's a match made in heaven. If you are having any doubts, take a look at the face of a boy who saw his girlfriend wearing a beautiful ethnic kurta set and you will get your answers. We have a whole collection of kurta sets to provide you with the "desi-girl" vibe. You can rock it with flats or heels of your choice with your favorite accessories. You can wear it at family functions, or wear it while you are strolling with your friends. They have embroidery you'll adore and they come with a variety of color options. You can also choose the type of fabric you like. 

For the office, you need outfits that are not too heavy but at the same
time compliments your personality. That's why you need to add some good-looking and comfortable trousers to your wardrobe. Office hours are long and tiring. You need to sit at a single place for hours on end. Wearing something uncomfortable is irritating and hampers your focus. In that case, you can't work with absolute focus. For that, you need breathable material and it also needs to be flexible. Your trousers need to be comfortable. You can also wear these when you are traveling or going out for lunch, or to any casual or professional event.

Only having trousers is not enough. You need to have some beautiful tops to complete your look. You can also shuffle them to get many combinations that look fresh every time. You can wear them anytime and they are also a great fit for office as well as casual occasions. You can see those heads turning with our vibrant and colorful tops and keep up with the trend. 

If you are more into western outfits you may like some of these Whether you are going to a party, on a romantic date, on vacation, or a movie, we have some great dress options for you. If you want to wear something easy-going in the summers or rainy seasons, dresses are your best option. You can rock them with a pair of off-white sneakers and maintain a minimalistic yet trendy look.
This completely eliminates the term "boring" from your dictionary.

Let's say you don't need an entire kurta set. You have enough bottom
wear and want something to complete the look. In that case, kurtas could be a great option for you. They give a traditional vibe ready to compliment the "Indian Nari." Wear them to the office or if you need something to wear for a casual outing, grab one of these, and go ahead. They are lightweight and perfect for breezy summer days protecting your skin from sunburn and hot winds. You can rock your kurta with palazzos, denim, or leggings of your choice with some matching accessories and a beautiful handbag.

Here we are, with all the options we have for you to wear on almost all
occasions. You can count on us for quality and variety and we'll make sure you look good in those outfits.

Grab your WineRed outfit today.