About Us

The way you carry yourself tells a lot about you and keeping it appealing is what matters to us. WINE being the symbol of transformation and happiness & RED being the symbol of love and healthy life, we chose the name WineRed. It portrays the values our brand stands for. WineRed is a lifestyle brand that takes care of your styling needs with products that speak quality without being too heavy on your wallet. 

A lifestyle brand registered under Thakral Clothing Pvt. Ltd. 

Product Design: We consider women to be bold, fearless, strong and effortless, elegant at the same time, thus we create products by keeping all these aspects in mind. All the design ideas come from in-house talent. And our designers be of the opinion that our product brings out really you.

Manufacturing: As you know, WineRed is a home-grown lifestyle brand, thus the products manufactured here are wholly and solely made in India by the Indian employees. Therefore, we are glad and take profound pride in calling us an authentic Indian brand.

Quality Assurance: After proper and rigorous inspection, we can proudly say that WineRed deals with products that are fashionable, sustainable and reliable. Our quality team makes sure to keep the authenticity of fabric and style alive for worthy outcome. Further, we always want only the best of best reaches to you.